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Bring your family and give them that true down-home cooking experience that Bowman's is known for.  


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      Welcome to Bowman's

Home Grown on the Bowman Farm

Food is a wonderful thing. The anticipation of that perfect bite can make your mouth water. Beautiful food can make your stomach growl. The aroma of freshly baked bread or frying bacon can wake you up with a smile.
   And then there's the food that can do more. The food that takes you back in time, to a different place, a better place. The food that brings back wonderful memories of childhood's innocence and the warmth of friends and family. The food that actually stirs your soul. This is comfort food.

Business Hours:
Thursday, Friday, Saturday 11am-9pm
Sunday 11am-3pm

New spacious dining room now open.
 Are you looking for a special place for your next church or social event?
Call Katherine for details.

All Bowman's dishes are slow cooked with ingredients from the farm not the factory. Just like Grandma, we do the work ourselves. We shuck our own corn and yes, we make the biscuits by hand. The proof isn't just in our pudding, it's in our entire menu.

We Cater!


868 County Line Road
Resaca, Georgia 30735

Just 5 miles from I-75

Phone: 706-624-3255

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